CBZ+ Deflect

Prevent Disputes before they unfold.

CBZero +DEFLECT extends the merchant’s reach into disputes at the point of cardholder inquiry. Transaction data is sent in real-time for the cardholder and their bank to access on demand. So when a cardholder calls their bank to raise a dispute, your company information, product descriptions, delivery confirmations, and other compelling evidence are there to prevent cardholders and their issuers from raising disputes in the first place.

The CBZero Advantage


How Order Insights and Consumer
Clarity works


Stop chargeback disputes before they happen

CBZero provides a complete dispute management system that saves time and money for your business. It covers other solutions including Order insight & Consumer Clarity. When there is a query, we provide deeper information to customers to help recognize transactions, and hence deflect the dispute. Issuers get the data that ties your customer to the sale to prevent friendly fraud from becoming disputes.

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$ 93,872


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