CBZ+ Recover

Claim and Recover your revenue!

CBZero+RECOVER is our representment module, which helps merchants reclaim revenue from friendly fraud. It leverages the merchant CRM, gateway and transaction data to tie cardholders to their purchases in disputes where a transaction is not recognized or when deliberate friendly fraud is attempted.

The CBZero Advantage


Don’t let revenue slip through your fingers

Maximize wins on representment disputes with the help of an advanced system that collects a wide array of information such as the reason codes, compelling evidence, product details, geographical region, processor information, and more. All these details are used to create a perfect response to win more chargeback disputes.

How Representment Works

Money debited from merchant, temporary credit for cardholder Temporary credit for merchant Cardholder files chargeback to issuing bank Issuing bank sends chargeback to acquiring bank Acquiring bank sends chargeback to merchant Merchant recevies chargeback and can accept or contest chargeback Issuing bank rules in favor of cardholder or merchant, or files second chargeback/ pre-arbitration Issuing bank reviews evidence Acquiring bank sends evidence to issuing bank Merchant contests chargeback, sends evidence to acquring bank Merchant accepts, loses chargeback plus fees

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