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CBzero is a white label solution for merchants & resellers. It includes Deflect, Resolve, Recover & Enterprise solutions. This is ideally suitable for payment service providers, marketplaces, fintechs and others.

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From small fashion boutiques to Fortune 100s, Chargeback Zero is a scalable solution for businesses of all sizes and shapes. See how we can make a real difference in your domain.

Problem Statement

A large ecommerce store was seeing a significant increase in fraud chargebacks. It was hurting revenues and creating the risk of penalties by card networks.

Our Solution

Chargeback Zero found the top 20% of affiliates that were contributing 80% of the chargeback volume. These accounts were also using stolen cards for card-not-present transactions. The marketing team implemented a manual review process for all affiliate partner applications before onboarding.

Chargeback Zero helped the company eliminate affiliate fraud and also elevated the risk team’s value to the business.

Problem Statement

A pet store that had recently expanded to new markets saw a significant increase in chargebacks within months of going global.

Our Solution

Chargeback Zero helped the business discover that most chargebacks were associated with recurring transactions in a particular country. On the other hand, one-time sales had a much lower chargeback-to-transaction ratio. The brand eventually decided to stop recurring transactions and within a few months they started seeing a reduction in chargebacks.

Problem Statement

A luxury women’s apparel brand decided to add a collection of accessories like handbags, sunglasses, and jewelry. As sales picked up, they started witnessing a steep rise in chargebacks.

Our Solution

Chargeback Zero identified that nearly all (91%) of the chargebacks had fraud-related reason codes. Fraudsters were using stolen payment card information to buy handbags because the high-quality, one-size-fits-all merchandise would be easy to resell. Eventually, the brand put in strong risk controls during their presale fraud detection and prevention strategy using analytics. Within three months, the chargeback rate had returned to a manageable level.

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