Your one stop solution to prevent chargebacks, save sales, improve customer experiences and reduce future fraud

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More Wins. Less Fraud. Total Protection.

Comprehensive coverage means fewer disputes and more retained revenue for your company



Proactivly prevent fraud, reduce chargebacks, and boost your win rate with real-time data on disputes filed, deflected, won, or lost.



Proactively prevent fraud & reduce chargebacks by processing Refunds. Get notified through Alerts to resolve Cardholder disputes before they become Chargebacks.



Boost your win rate with real time data on disputes filed. Win back lost revenue with automated dispute response generated from Industry leading machine learning



Get robust reporting that follows data throughout the entire transaction lifecycle to increase efficiency and expand revenue opportunities

Dispute Prevention drives efficiency gains and aims for a first interaction resolution.

Global data-sharing network provides issuers and cardholders with enhanced receipt details from sellers to prevent disputes at the point of cardholder inquiry.


  • Eliminates Chargebacks
  • Helps in reducing cost & increasing revenue
  • Improves Cardholder's experience

Auto-decision pre-dispute cases with participating RDR Issuers using a robust decision engine, customized by seller for real-time resolution.

Resolve pre-dispute cases directed by participating CDRN Issuers within 72 hours through Seller-initiated refund.


  • Stop Shipments for Fraudulent Alerts
  • Automate refunds for Alerts having Low value transactions
  • Helps maintaining lower Chargeback Ratio

Automates entire chargeback representment process. Our system will create and submit a comprehensive, customized response on behalf of merchants.

ChargebackZero is a comprehensive chargeback solution that makes handling disputes easy. Our automated system ensures dispute responses are free of human error, complete, and submitted on time.


  • Instant on-boarding
  • Transparent monthly pricing
  • Automatically respond to chargebacks allowing merchant to focus on their business.

Our dispute intelligence provides actionable and accurate data for analysis to help merchants reduce chargeback & increase win rate.

We allow merchants to see beyond the reason code so that chargebacks can be addressed at their source. Real-time reporting and error risk threat analysis allows us to granularly detect operational liabilities and prevent chargebacks that would otherwise go unmitigated.


  • Root Cause analysis of Chargebacks
  • Instant Alerts on any anomalies detected
  • Suggestions on actions that help to improve Win rates and prevent chargebacks in future
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How Our chargeback management

Solution Works

ChargebackZero’s pre-dispute and chargeback management solution is a comprehensive dashboard that intergrates with post-authorization tools from verifi, A Visa Solution, Ethoca Consumer Clarity”, and Ethoca Alerts to help you prevent revenue loss from criminal and friendly fraud.Automatically respond to customer inquiries, manage chargeback alerts and notifications with in-depth analytics in one place.

Avg. Number of Chargeback Per Month


Avgerage Transaction Value:

Average Revenue Lost


+ Chargeback Fees


Admin Fees


+ Cost of Goods & Shipping


$ 93,872

$ 65,710

Everything you need to
know about chargebacks.